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PhotoAI, All-in-one AI enhancer toolkit for Mobile

PhotoAI for mobile could bring a new lease of life to your old and blurry photo by upscaling, sharpening and colorizing, based on magic AI technology.

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  • Current version 2.4.7

  • Average Rating: 4.5

Powerful AI Features for Photo Enhancement

Trusted and downloaded by thousands of users. Use AI photo enhancer app to make your photos better.

All-in-One AI Enhancer ToolKit

PhotoAI has integrated all of our AI powers and it offers you the capability to enhance images quality on your mobile phone.

100% Free and Simple to Use

You can start to use PhotoAI directly without subscribing to any plan. You may watch ads but it will help us to maintan the services.

Upscale and Increse Resolution

With the AI upscaling algorithm, you can increase the image resolution up to 800%, enhance the real details and fix the blurry face.

Upscale Anime/Cartoon to 4K

With the SRCNN technology, PhotoAI enables you to upscale anime/cartoon to 4K and produce better image quality. Alternative to Waifu2x and DAINapp.

Restore and Repair Old Photos

PhotoAI could automatically add color to the Black and White photos and remove the scratched part from the old photos

Photo Editor & Scanner

We also integrated the powerful features of cropping and scanning photos. You can set the proportions of the images, scan and digitize photos before enhancing.

Share Your Cartoon Avatar

If you want to cartoonize yourself, you can try the photo-to-cartoon feature of PhotoAI. Upload your face photo and see what you like in cartoon style.

Adjust and Enhance Color

PhotoAI will enhance and adjust the color, tone, brightness automatically. Sharpen blurry images and remove photo noise to improve the quality.

More than 65,000 users around the world are already using PhotoAI actively


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Fast Performance

Let AI Speed Up your Workflow.

In 2018, we launched AI Image Enlarger for the first time, our team and team members are working with AI technology for quite years. Now we integrate all powers into PhotoAI so you can boost your productivity when you need to use AI to enhance your photos, on iOS/Android.

Your pictures are not quite as sharp or clear as you want? PhotoAI is using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology to Deblur, restore and enhance any of your images, even you are not a top-tier photographer but you can still use this top-tier photo enhancer app!

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Stories From Our Customers

Trusted by thousands of users who are using PhotoAI to enhance their photos!

Enhance Photo, Share Excellent Moments.

No need to worry about the blurry photos and use PhotoAI to enhance them and make them better like a Pro! Be confident in sharing your moments.

Download PhotoAI

Save your time and effort with PhotoAI

  • Just install PhotoAI on your mobile phone. Select the photo or image from Phone Album and enhance them immediately. No credits and no account. Feel safe and free to use PhotoAI with unlimited access.

  • PhotoAI for iOS/Android is way beyond our expectations. Our developer teams are working with more AI models and we are integrating them into our app and making it more powerful.

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