Upscale and increase quality for images.

Struggling with upscaling images, cartoons for presentation, wallpaper? AI upscaler is not science fiction and you can use it to upscale images for better quality!

What is ImgUpscaler

Discover how imgupscaler boosts your image quality

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Quick Access

ImgUpscaler could upscale images automatically and fast.

Batch Processing

ImgUpscaler is born for upscaling images in batch. Save your time!

Better for Cartoon and Anime

The upscaling algorithm is customized for images with cartoon or anime styles.

Easy and Safe

Drop your images for uploading and then get your results. All Images removed in 24 hours.

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Totally Optimized

The Benefits of ImgUpscaler

ImgUpscaler is an image upscaler online tool that uses the latest super-resolution AI model which is significantly faster and better than conventional upscaling methods or old AI models.

Upscale & Enhance
  • ImgUpscaler plays a quite important role in the product list of ImgLarger. Unlike AI Image Enlarger, this AI Image Upscaler requires fewer GPU resources and it changes the way of upscaling images in batch. It could produce higher-quality results in a fast processing speed.

  • If you have multiple images, pictures, cartoons for upscaling, ImgUpscaler could save your time significantly and it is over 25% faster.

Difference of ImgLarger & ImgUpscaler

Trusted by thousands of users, AI Image Enlarger has enlarged millions of images and delivered the best quality results. And we know that users hope our tool could work faster and process more images at one time. That's why we create and launch AI Image Upscaler and this tool is focusing on batch upscaling technology.

AI Image EnlargerAI Image Upscaler
AI ToolsAll in one AI toolkitOnly Image Upscaler
RatioUp to 200% / 400% / 800%Up to 400%
Unlimited Access
Max Image Dimension4000*4000px4000*4000px
Max Image Size10MB10MB
Batch Process
Transparent Background
Cloud Processing SpeedFastMedium
LiveChat Support
AI Image Enhancer
AI Image Sharpener
AI Face Retouch
AI Background Remover
AI Image Denoiser

Result Comparision

AI Image Upscaler and AI Image Enlarger both work good at enlarging and upscaling small pictures. You can check it from the images below. We used a photo and a cartoon image to show the result.


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